Frequently Asked Questions


The benefits of using a professional liquidating service are many. The emotional involvement in handling an estate liquidation can produce much stress to the owner or representative of the estate. Pricing is also a key factor. With years of experience in this business and being constantly in tune with the market, we strive to price and mark the merchandise at the highest price the market will bear and still accomplish the liquidation of the items in the needed time period. Security is ever becoming an important factor to consider also.

Here are some of our most frequently asked questions and their appropriate answers. Should you have more questions about our business, please do not hesitate to call.


All items are priced prior to the sale, which gives you an opportunity to review their prices before the sale.


All saleable merchandise can be used, from furniture, antiques, jewelry, coins, books and cars to clothing, kitchen, garage and miscellaneous items.


All items are priced by Estate Liquidators. We use qualified outside appraisers to assist us on an “as-needed” basis.


Estate Liquidators will pay for outside qualified appraisers to assist them in determining fair market value.


You will receive proceeds within five working days following the last day of the sale.


Estate Liquidators is very conscious about security. Sales are fully staffed, and in some cases we employ off-duty police or licensed security guards to assist us in peak periods during the sales and after hours, if needed.


We accept checks at our discretion. We assume full responsibility for checks accepted by our staff.


Our first step is cleaning, setting up and displaying the merchandise to be sold. Thenwe begin to price items. These two steps generally take 3 or 4 days (sometimes longerdepending on the amount of items). Next, we begin the sale, which generally lastsanother 3 or 4 days. Finally, we make sure all remaining items are picked up andarranged for disposal, then proceed to clean up in order to leave the property clean andfree of debris.


We advertise in the local newspapers, the internet and large mailing lists of buyers, sellers and collector’s networks.


After all items are cleaned and priced, we will set up a time prior to opening the sale for family members and friends selected by you to attend a private pre-sale. During the pre-sale, the marked price of the items is the price they may purchase it for. If they do not wish to pay this price, they may leave a written bid for the item. Our clients like this procedure because it is fair and can eliminate some sticky situations.


We allow customers to leave bids on merchandise at any time during the sale. Thebids are reviewed and customers are contacted if their bid is accepted. At thediscretion of Estate Liquidators many if not all items are generally discounted orreduced periodically during the sale.


No. There are never any up-front fees required.


We charge a percentage of the total sale proceeds. This percentage is determined based on our set up costs, as well as our security expense or outside appraisal costs, if needed. Our fee is very competitive and is determined at the time we visit with you personally.


Yes. We have a contract that puts in writing what we both agree to.


All valuables are professionally appraised and, at the time of the sale, are placed in a secure locking cabinet. If we have a lot of valuables, we employ an off-duty police officer or security guard at the sale.


We are bonded, and will be happy to furnish you with a list of references.


At the time of our visit, you would advise us of all items that are not to be sold and are part of the contract pending. Care is given to limit the flow of people through the home so that our staff can adequately supervise them. Assistance is given when merchandise is being moved. Supervision of parking areas is also given. If the real estate property is going to be sold, the sale will give the property tremendous exposure and, in many such cases, will sell the property.